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Recipient of Kerala State Tourism Excellence Award

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About Us
Cochin Cultural Centre is one of the prime organization Working in the field of Art, Culture and Entertainment industry for the Preservation, promotion and propagation of our rich culture, tradition and heritage through ethnic performing arts of Kerala.

Late Sri. T.M.SUKUMARAN Nedungadi. (Founder)
Our founder and leading force, late Mr.Sukumaran Nedungadi started the center as a registered charitable society of the artists, an academy of arts and performing theatre group in 1978 under the stewardships of Sri.M.K.K.Nair and Sri.V.K.Raja. We regularly conduct coaching classes in various disciplines of Kerala’s ethnic art forms as well as running 2 air conditioned performing theatres for the regular performances of the traditional, ethnic art forms of Kerala with special reference to KATHAKALI. Besides, we do perform various art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kalaripayattu, Theyyam, Patayani, Velakali, Chakyar Koothu, Koodiyattam, Oottan Thullal, Kalamezhuthum Pattum, Kurathiyattam, Thiruvathirakali, Margam Kali, Oppana, Kolkali, Kummatti, Pulikali, Shingarimelam, Panchavadyam, Keli, Thayambaka, Instrumental Music, Ganamela, Gazal’z etc, as per the time-to-time requirement. In short any type of entertainment programs with ethnic nature, “ you just name it, we will do it”.
 We have highly qualified professional artists with high proficiency to choreograph, direct and perform various stage shows, lecture-demonstrations and workshops as per the requirement. We have traveled to many countries including UK, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, and Cuba . on various occasions to exhibit various ethnic art forms of Kerala. We have great pleasure to acknowledge the rare opportunities we received, to exhibit our unique style of performance and caliber. To name some are before his excellency Sri.A.B.Vajpayee the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Her majesty Queen Elizabeth, Mr.Bill Clinton former president of USA and various other foreign diplomats, dignitaries, celebrities, leaders, officials, national-international art lovers, critics,connoisseurs, societies, clubs and theatres in connection with various festivals and celebrations.
Cochin Cultural Centre is one of the prime institutions with high standard stands for the promotion and propagation of traditional, ethnic art & Culture of Kerala. We have received “Best Performing Arts Centre” award from the Kerala Government Department of Tourism for the Excellence in the field of Tourism.

Late M.K.K.Nair inaugurating the centre

Hon.Supreme Court justice
Sri.M.N.Venkadachelayyah inaugurating the new theatre studio of the centre.


The centre also associated with many events of national, international standards held at Kochi. To name some of them are Kerala Travel Mart 2000 & 2002, National Boat Show 2000 & 2002, GIM, International Medical Conferences in year 2002-2004 (Cardiology, ophthalmic, ENT, Alzheimer’s, Gastroenterology, Urology, Anesthetics etc.), International Tea Conference, International Spice Conference, International Cashew conference, 50th Birthday celebrations of Matha Amrithanada Mayi Devi, and Business to Business conference held in Kochi.We have also organized cultural events for big coroporations like Wipro, Citi Bank, ICICI, Mathrubhoomi Printing and Publishing, Malayala Manorama, Birla Cements, Shankar cements, TVS, Indian Express Mumbai, HSBC, Kerala IT Mission, TAAI, Air-India, Indian Airlines, Saudi Airlines launch ceremony, MPEDA, International Film Festival, CIFT, Aanandolsavam 2004 for the international disciples of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker ART OF LIVING, International Yoga & Meditation Conference By Dr. Deepak Chopra,and NCERT conference on Cultural Education in India.

Formation  Inauguration
19th February 1977
Administrative office
INDIA:682 016.
Ernakulam Theatre
INDIA:682 016 Ph:(91) 484 3077763
Fort Kochi Theatre
INDIA:682001 Ph:(91) 484 2216911
Phone Numbers
+91 484 2356366, 2357153, 4011445
Mobile : 09847049542
Fax : +91 484 4030419
Preservation & Promotion of Keralas ancient classical Art Forms, with special referance to KATHAKALI.
Training classes in various disciplines of KATHAKALI, Daily KATHAKALI shows, Lecture demonstrations and Workshops on other ethnic art forms and Yoga & Medication.Propagation , Promotion and Preservation of Keralas ethnic culture, art,ancient costumes and props.
Mode of Theatre
Air-conditioned with maximum seating capacity of 200 seats.


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