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Chakyar Koothu
ChakyarKoothu 'is one of the eminent traditional art of Kerala. It is associated with temple.It is associated with Chakyars.Kottarathil sankunni, the well-known author of the myths and leagends of Kerala also has described Chakyar, as the term attributed to those who give expression to commendable words.Historical references are interpreted regarding the Kerala art form 'Koothu'.The 'Koothu' was performed and even now continous to be performed according and injunctions laid down in the 'Natya Sastra' by 'Bharatamuni'.The principle scriptures relating to 'Chakyar Koothu' are the 'Champus' The place where the art performed is called'Koothambalam'.the major instrument used in 'Koothu' is 'Mizhavu'.

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